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Karen Siegel
Director of Admissions
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'הצטרפות לכיתות א' – ח

Every year, students successfully transfer into JCDS and experience an enthusiastic and supportive welcome to our learning community. Students, teachers, and parents will all help ease the transition for your child and for your family.

Our Zerem (Stream) Program helps quickly transition your family into the natural flow of academic and social life in the JCDS community. The program is catered to each student's and family's unique needs, and varies in each grade, but always focuses around the same pillars:

  • Personal and small group support and acceleration in Hebrew language to integrate students as quickly as possible into the full JCDS Hebrew Language Program.
  • Partnership with a veteran JCDS Mentor Family orients new families to social opportunities and school culture and provides support for a smooth transition.
  • New Family Orientation at the beginning of the school year addresses key logistical questions that will clarify details of day-to-day life at JCDS.
  • First-Year Check-Ins with JCDS educational leadership ensure that your child is on track to thrive and that your family feels supported as you continue to settle in.
Most importantly, from the time they begin in kindergarten, JCDS students learn about and practice what it means to be in a community. Part of this effort is discussing and practicing welcoming new friends into our community. Our students are always eager to make a new friend and ensure their new classmate feels supported and connected as they acclimate to a new environment at JCDS. The welcome your child will receive from his or her peers will serve as a preview for the warmth, kindness, and respect your family will experience throughout your years as participants in our dynamic learning community.