Board of Trustees

חבר נאמנים

The members of the Board of Trustees are committed to ensuring that JCDS continues to provide a superior and affordable education.

The Board of Trustees has the responsibility and authority to govern the school's affairs, including:

  • Establishing and fulfilling the school's mission and policies
  • Selecting and retaining the Head of school
  • Protecting and strengthening the school's current and long-term programmatic assets
  • Providing for the school's current and long-term financial integrity, including principal responsibility for setting annual budgets, fundraising and establishing investment policies
  • Maintaining sound relationships with all constituencies of the school

The Board of Trustees is comprised of a wide cross-section of the school and community that is appropriate in keeping with our pluralistic nature of JCDS.

Clerk, P'26, '28

P'25, '27

GP'25, '29, '32

President, P'23, ('25,) '27, '28

P'16, '19, '24

P'20, '22, ('25)

P'30 & '32

P'18, '20, '22, '25

P'28 & '31


P'23 & '26

P('20, '22, '25)

P('24, '26, '28)

Founding Chair