Board of Trustees

חבר נאמנים

The members of the Board of Trustees are committed to ensuring that JCDS continues to provide a superior and affordable education.

The Board of Trustees has the responsibility and authority to govern the school's affairs, including:

  • Establishing and fulfilling the school's mission and policies
  • Selecting and retaining the Head of school
  • Protecting and strengthening the school's current and long-term programmatic assets
  • Providing for the school's current and long-term financial integrity, including principal responsibility for setting annual budgets, fundraising and establishing investment policies
  • Maintaining sound relationships with all constituencies of the school

The Board of Trustees is comprised of a wide cross-section of the school and community that is appropriate in keeping with our pluralistic nature of JCDS.

Name Other Organizations and Affiliations Why I Serve JCDS

P'26, '28

CJP, Harvard Hillel, MIT Hillel, Cambridge Health Alliance, Rabin Medical Center, Israel MuseumI believe that JCDS helps kids develop a love of learning and character. Being in a non-judgmental but value-rich environment, they learn respect for diversity.

P'25, '27
JCDS is a special place. I appreciate the way JCDS instills values and habits of heart and mind in their children and the way these values play out explicitly in all studies, becoming part of the natural language of their kids.

GP'25, '29
Co-founder and former VP of Development, Gann Academy. Former Board Member, VP of Finance and VP of Development, Gateways.I stand on the shoulders of a giant, my father-in-law, Mervin Gray (z'l). He taught me the importance of respect, inclusion and concern for Klal Yisrael - a core part of the JCDS mission. I also serve in memory of our m'chutenet, Yaffa Korinow (z'l), who loved JCDS with her heart and soul.

President, P'23, ('25,) '27, '28
Next Gen Board (Grinspoon Foundation), Board member of Association for Israel Studies, Youth Sports in Waltham One of the many strengths of JCDS is its emphasis on, and investment in, the learning process. Teaching our children to learn and appreciate the growth and process of learning—and not only focus on the outcome—is essential at JCDS. Our children experience the educational journey in a profound way with the support and aid of talented educators at JCDS.

- -

P'16, '19, '24

Treasurer, P'20, '22, '25

JCDS teaches students how to think, not what to think. That helps them develop their own Jewish and academic identities in ways that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

P'18, '20, '22, '25
Urban Land Institute, CJP JCDS is appealing to me because of the values it provides, all within a pluralistic and welcoming environment.

P('20, '22,) '25


I believe in the mission of JCDS and I am fully supportive of their educational approach, in particular the fact that kids are accepted and celebrated for who they are, and encouraged to give their best for their community.

P'24, '26, '28

Clerk, P'15, '18
New Israel Fund, Keshet, J-Street, Partners in Health, Planned Parenthood. I support JCDS because a pluralistic Jewish education is a great way to cultivate a strong personal identity and a values-driven, open-hearted life.

P'19, '26
Ramah New England, Minyan Ma'or, Gann AcademyJCDS' intentional pluralism prepares students for positive engagement with Judaism and for the diversity of the community at large. Being a part of JCDS's pluralistic community has profoundly impacted not only my children's relationship with Judaism, but my own.

Founding Chair
Hebrew at the Center, Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC), Jewish Interactive, PJ Library, and Developing Embedded Expertise Programs (DEEP) I continue to be inspired every day by JCDS's leadership, staff, families, students, and alumni who live out the school's mission engaging intentionally in being a warm, welcoming pluralist, joyful and learning community infused with Hebrew language and culture, connected to the State of Israel and ensuring that each student is supported in becoming the best version of his/her/their self.