Applying Skills Across Disciplines

מיומנויות וכישורי למידה

Integrated Learning

Integration of skill and content is a critical part of the JCDS vision for education. We take advantage of our dual curriculum to provide many extended opportunities for students to apply skills across content areas and general and Judaic studies. Students learn literacy skills in Humanities class and then apply those skills in Chumash class. Students learn problem solving skills in the Engineering classroom and apply those skills in the Math class. Students learn Hebrew language in Hebrew class and apply that skill in Art class.

Example from Our Classrooms:

  • The first grade year centers on the theme "In the beginning". This theme integrates most of the elements of the first grade curriculum. This thematic study provides a meaningful context in which students develop their skills and learn the relevant content.

    "In the Beginning" is organized around the following essential questions:

    • What is my role in the community?
    • How do community members behave to develop a strong community?
    • How do people in a community work together and depend on each other?

  • The big idea that guides everything we do in 4th grade is "Freedom, Responsibility, Choices: Making a Difference." This idea is integral to all subjects, as well as the social curriculum.