פיתוח חשיבה מונחה

Our Seven Habits of Mind and Heart inspire our educational program, guide participation in our community, and prepare us to live lives with purpose and meaning. Pluralism is the frame through which we help our children develop these habits, allowing them to engage across difference, build self-awareness and reflection, cultivate curiosity and empathy and foster strong identity. We teach these habits explicitly in all studies so that it will become part of the natural language of our students. We strive to ensure that our students can identify opportunities in which they can employ the habits successfully and intentionally, allowing them to be a contributing and engaged member of society.

  • Integrity and ethical living יושרה
  • Multiple perspectives and empathy הסתכלות רחבה
  • Perseverance and resiliency התמדה והתמודדות
  • Curiosity & Humility סקרנות וענוה
  • Desire to solve problems פתרון בעיות
  • Capacity for reflection הערכה עצמית
  • Rigorous appreciation for evidence שימוש בראיות