Dual-Language Learning

סביבת למידה דו לשונית

Overview of our Hebrew Language ProgramBenefits of Dual Language LearningIsraeli Culture
Hebrew is more than a language at JCDS. The continual use of it immerses our students in a diverse world of possibilities, while deepening their sense of shared Jewish purpose and heritage. The Hebrew language becomes an integral part of their Jewish identity.

Overview of our Hebrew Language Program

תוכנית העברית- סקירה

The Proficiency Approach to Hebrew Language Acquisition at JCDS is based on each individual student's ability to function in Hebrew as compared to a native Israeli speaker. From second to eighth grade, each student is annually assessed in the areas of language, reading, writing, speaking and listening. Based on this performance data, teachers design age- appropriate, authentic materials that prepare students to function in real-life situations, outside of the classroom, spontaneously and comfortably.

In the Lower School (K-4), each classroom has two full-time teachers, one of whom is a fluent Hebrew speaker. Students learn Hebrew throughout the day in the playing of games, in classroom routines, and during formal instruction.

In the Middle School (5-8), students formally engage with Hebrew language in their daily Hebrew classes. This study is also enhanced and balanced by an expansion of biblical Hebrew and Aramaic that students use in their Judaic courses. Less formal use of language occurs throughout the day in hallway conversations, art classes and student/teacher meetings.

*We take tremendous pride that JCDS was the first K-8 school in the country to implement the Proficiency Approach to Language Acquisition, and we work constantly to maintain our role as the national leader in Hebrew language education.

Students need opportunities to use Hebrew in small, everyday life moments. It's not how many words you know or how you structure a sentence, it's what you can do with the language in organic everyday circumstances.
Sharona Givol, Hebrew Program Consultant

Benefits of Dual Language Learning

היתרונות ברכישת שפה נוספת

Present research reveals that acquisition of a second language improves cognitive abilities and, "Provides people with two windows, two corridors through which to view the world". Acquiring a second language not only changes the structure of the brain, but also the cognitive abilities. This is due to the fact that dual language speakers are required to choose between the languages they speak and the transition between the languages requires unique strategies. Being proficient in two languages creates the ability to be cognitively critical and solve conflicts in a different and more efficient manner.

Israeli Culture

תרבות ישראלית

It is our belief that to best acquire a language, students need to understand the depth and breadth of the culture from where that language comes, thus all of the materials we use in every classroom come directly from daily Israeli life. We expose our students to the "true Israel" its geography, history, songs, literature, and even modern movies.