Thinking Like an Engineer

לחשוב כמו מהנדס

JCDS students are taught to “think like engineers" beginning in Kindergarten. The engineering design process is a fantastic pedagogical cycle that aligns beautifully with our school's educational philosophy. Our teachers encourage our students to use this iterative approach to problem solve in all areas, including Tanakh, math, and humanities.

When initially presented with a challenge, we teach our children to begin by asking questions, which requires them to notice what is around them and to wonder about what they need to know before they can begin. Then they imagine their project and ponder possible solutions to the problem. Thereafter, our children have the opportunity to make a plan for their design and create a prototype of the project. Significantly, this is not where the process ends. Since each class is a learning community where our children learn from one another as well as their teachers, students respond to feedback from their fellow classmates with a growth mindset to improve their end product.