Growth Mindset

'לחשוב בגדול'

An education at JCDS is much more than just preparing our students for high school. Our children celebrate opportunities to engage with challenge, are intrigued by errors, and experience true joy in learning. They are developing a growth mindset using the powerful habits of heart and mind, which will serve them for the rest of their lives.

The consequences of this understanding are profound for every person in our school community. Does a teacher or administrator experience difficult feedback as a judgment, or does he/she view it as data regarding an area for growth? Do children struggling to learn new Hebrew vocabulary believe they have the necessary skills and strategies to overcome the temporary challenge? When our children believe their effort can make a difference, they develop resiliency and learn to persevere through frustration. Thus, in our classrooms, we offer our children many opportunities to develop these habits when they experience early setbacks.