School-Parent Partnership

וועד הורים

JCDS serves as a formative Jewish community in the life of our students, as a place of Jewish learning and living. At the same time, the JCDS faculty understands that each student's family is the primary source of their learning and living. Thus, as a school committed to an intentional pluralism of engagement, we seek to honor, the best we can, the values and practices of individual students and their families while also tending to communal learning and pedagogical considerations.

Thus, we encourage parents to help us get to know your children and your own family practices. As our curriculum is shaped in part by our pluralistic lens, there will be many opportunities throughout a student's time at JCDS when your children will bring home questions for family discussion to inform their learning as well as opportunities for families to share stories, traditions, and values. These opportunities serve not only to weave together a child's family life and school learning, but also to enrich the learning of others as students gain a substantive appreciation for the plurality of Jewish expression.

We also invite parents to contact our Madrich Ruchani (Spiritual Educator), Oren Kaunfer, or another member of the Jewish Life Team, if you have questions or would just like an opportunity to talk.