ענין של טעם

Over 210 members of the JCDS community gathered virtually to honor and celebrate Dr. Susie Tanchel as she completes her 9-year tenure as Head of School.

Many thanks to our hosts, Emily Charton and Oren Kaunfer, and our special guest speakers for their wise words and abundant blessings.

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  3. Make a Gift to the newly established Dr. Susie Tanchel Fund

3/12 Update: An Update on Matters of Taste ➲

Letter from Devra Lasden, Trustee, Development Chair and Jennifer London, Director of Development and Communications

Dear Friends,

On behalf of everyone at JCDS, we will miss seeing you this Sunday evening. We want to make sure you know that Matters of Taste 2020: A Celebration of Dr. Susie Tanchel, scheduled for March 15 at Gann Academy, was postponed in keeping with current health concerns and guidelines.

Although we know in our hearts we are doing the right thing, it truly is a disappointment. We wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to our dear friends - your support of JCDS means so very much.

Many have asked us how to let Susie know they are thinking of her at this time. Please feel free to email her at if you wish. It may not be the same as a hug or a handshake, but we know it will be very welcome. For those on Facebook, that's always a great way to connect with the community.

We have every intention of holding Matters of Taste 2020 when it is safe and appropriate. We will be in touch with any updates as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, if you have not done so already, kindly consider making a gift to the Dr. Susie Tanchel Fund, the new fund established in Susie's honor. With a focus on teaching and learning, this fund reflects values that Susie holds most dear. With your gift comes the opportunity to share a special message in the online digital Tribute Journal. This journal will be presented at Matters of Taste when it is rescheduled and will become a printed keepsake book for Susie.

Please be in touch with us with any questions about Matters of Taste or supporting JCDS.

Wishing you good health and a Shabbat Shalom,

Devra Lasden, Trustee, Development Chair
Jennifer London, Director of Development and Communications

3/10 Update: Matters of Taste Postponed ➲

Letter from Galit and Lior Div, MoT 2020 Co-Chairs, and Elizabeth Waksman, President

Dear JCDS Community,

Out of respect for the well-being of all, the school made the very difficult decision to postpone the Matters of Taste event, scheduled for this Sunday, March 15th at 5:00pm at Gann Academy.

You are most likely aware that many such cancellations and postponements are happening everywhere, but that does not make this decision any easier. On behalf of Dr. Susie Tanchel, Head of School, we want to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Being honored this year means so much to Susie. The many gifts and messages in support of JCDS have touched her heart. She is appreciative beyond words, and looks forward to when we can celebrate together as a community.

While there is much uncertainty these days, here at JCDS the joy of Purim is all around. The children are having a fun-filled holiday, and while Matters of Taste is on hold, the school's needs are not.

At this time, we invite you to consider a meaningful gift to the Dr. Susie Tanchel Fund. With your gift comes the opportunity to publicly recognize Susie in the online tribute journal. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

We have every intention of holding Matters of Taste 2020 when it is safe to do so. We will be in touch as soon as we have a definite plan.

On behalf of everyone at JCDS, we wish you and your family good health and a Chag Sameach.

Kol tuv, Galit and Lior Div, MoT 2020 Co-Chairs
Elizabeth Waksman, President

About Matters of Taste ➲

Matters of Taste is the JCDS annual fundraising celebration. This year is unique as we celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of Head of School Dr. Susie Tanchel, now in her 9th and final year at JCDS. Like the school, the event will be warmly personal, full of variety, and intellectually stimulating. Meet old and new friends for the "JCDS Breeze" signature cocktail and a delicious strolling (buffet and small plate) dinner. Be captivated by a very special program and end the evening on a sweet note with a dessert reception. The event will be held at Gann Academy in Waltham, MA, with an emphasis on coming together in the full spirit of community. Please consider honoring Susie with a gift to the Dr. Susie Tanchel Fund, the new fund established in her name.

All proceeds benefit the JCDS Annual Fund, which enables us to maximize support to current families and to enhance our premier educational program of rigorous academics, intentional pluralism, and joyful Jewish community. Ticket purchases are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Join Us! ➲

Please invite your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and relatives to join you. Seating is on a first come, first served basis, so RSVP quickly to reserve your place. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about the event.

Honorary Co-Chairs ➲

Noni and Izhar Armony
Joyce and Michael Bohnen
Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and David Cohen
Diane Troderman and Harold Grinspoon
Claudia Davidoff and Joseph Kahan
Rita and Herb Gann
Catharyn and Mike Gildesgame
Liz and George Krupp
Julie Altman and Alex Sagan
Carey Schwartz and David Sharff
Rosalyn and Rich Slifka
Bonnie and Marty Tenenbaum
Arnee R. and Walter A. Winshall

Tribute Committee ➲

Susan and Aron Ain
Shimon and Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld
Susan Shevitz and Larry Bailis
Shelley Baker
Jill and Marc Baker
Betsy Hecker and John J. Barter
Ifat and Yaniv Bejerano*
Marci* and Joram Borenstein
Sara Riedner Brown and Stephen Brown
Claire and Daniel Caine
Shoshana Jacobs and David Charytan
Tova Mirvis and Bruce Cohen
James Cohen
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Orly Mishan and Timothy Crawford
Rachel Fish* and Dave Cutler
Dorit Harverd and Richard Dale
Brenda and Jerry Deener
Joanne and Paul Egerman
The Elovitz Family*
Talia and Yoni Engelhart
Rena Gray Fein and Robbie Fein*
Leslie and Michael Gaffin
Zelda and Elkan Gamzu
Nicole and Joshua Gann*
Nancy Ganz
The Joseph and Anna Gartner Foundation
Sophie Gildesgame*
Rabbi Arthur Green
Maria and Alexander Gurevich
Phyllis Hammer
Rabbi Susan Harris
Nathan Hayman*
Hebrew College
Allison Cook and David Hirsh
Joan and Peter Hoffman
IAC Boston
Jewish Arts Collaborative
JCC Greater Boston
Andrea and Jonathan Kamens
Jen Kaplan
Allegra Goodman and David Karger
Linda Brodt and Paul Katz
Gayle and Jerry Klusky
Ellen and Michael Krause-Grosman
Devra and Donald Lasden
Lisa and Rabbi Daniel Lehmann
Sharon Levin* and Rabbi David Lerner
Ray Levi
Raffaella Sadun and Vito Levi d'Ancona
Emily Beck and Jon Levisohn
Stephanie and Yair Listokin
Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis
Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh
Marion and Abe Menzin*
Peggy and Marvin Menzin
Alisa Berger and Samuel Moyn
Karen and Ken Munkacy
Sharon Feiman-Nemser and Louis Nemser
Adele and Andrew Newman
Elizabeth Waksman* and Darren Orbach
Debra Gelber and Avrom Pfeffer
Fiona Epstein* and Jon Pollack
Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools
Suzanne Priebatsch
Susie and Howie Rodenstein*
Ellen and Michael Rubin
Jaka and Gadi Saarony
Barbara Skydell Safran and Arthur Safran
Sarah Luria and Tom Schwarz
Shiri* and Ilan Segev
Laura and Guy Shechter
Miriam Sheftel
Nicole Lamberg and Adam Shyevitch*
Nancy Rigelhaupt Smith and Howard Smith
Mark Sokoll
Judith Katz and Dean Solomon
Michelle Barmazel and Kevin Steinberg
Jennifer and Amiel Weinstock
Eveline and Guy Weyl
Ina Bachman and Eli Wylen
Judy and Albert Zabin
*Indicates current JCDS Trustee
List in formation