Pluralism: What It Is & Why It Matters

פלורליזם- מה זה, ולמה זה חשוב

At JCDS pluralism is more than the existence of diversity -- it is an active posture, a point of view that shapes how we attempt to build and foster Jewish community, and how we understand and seek to engage with and improve the world around us.

Our pluralism is rooted in a few core understandings:

  • The world (and the Jewish world, as a smaller segment of it) is diverse and increasingly interconnected.
  • The most successful people in the 21st century will be those who can creatively bridge these differences and effectively work with people different from themselves.
  • The key to productive collaboration and creative partnership is a humble confidence, deeply rooted in a sense of self and commitment to core values.
  • This humble confidence is a way of being in the world that must be intentionally practiced, particularly during the formative K-8 years.

We prioritize and seek out diversity in our families and faculty – across religious perspectives, ethnicities, family structures, socio-economic ranges, and beyond. The world is complex, and each of us is strengthened by engaging with difference.

Families who enroll at JCDS come to cherish and celebrate the opportunity to learn and grow in JCDS' pluralistic environment. They see that pluralism provides for their children a foundation of creative and joyful Jewish experiences and a dynamic and powerful education that prepares them to move through the world as talented problem solvers, willing teammates, and morally and ethically inspired human beings.