תוכנית הצהרון ומועדונית

The After School Program provides a unique opportunity for JCDS students to relax, get creative, engage in productive interests, and most of all, have fun! Parents choose from an extended day program that offers a wide variety of activities, including art, games, and gym. More structured hands-on enrichment classes in crafts, robotics, strategy games, private music lessons and more are also available. Students participate in activities and classes, all geared to our students in a more relaxed environment than the rest of the school day.

Daily Schedule

Clubs - Chuggim

JCDS students have an opportunity to participate in enrichment classes after school Mondays through Thursdays. New clubs are offered each trimester. We offer a balanced program with something for everyone including courses like chess, magic, circus, private violin, piano and guitar lessons, sports, and arts and crafts.

    We're open when JCDS is closed!

    Throughout the school year there are Parent-Teacher Conferences and Professional Development days when classes are not in session. JCDS After School provides a fun and relaxing place to spend the day with friends doing arts & crafts, playing games, music and more. This program is open to all students, and is not included as part of the regular after school program. The After School Program does not operate during school vacations, including Jewish holidays when school is not in session.