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Each of the chaggim (Jewish Holidays) at JCDS culminates in a communal chaggigah (Holiday celebration) that is experiential, educational, and joyful and is a means by which we celebrate each holiday as one school community. The chaggigah is one of the ways in which JCDS lives the Jewish calendar and allows for innovative and multidisciplinary, cross-grade programming around Jewish themes and values.

The style of programming and learning varies from year to year and from holiday to holiday. It can take shape in the form of communal art pieces, technological experimentation, singing and songwriting, drama, group Text learning, physical activities, hands-on games, storytelling, building audio-visual presentations, cooking and more. The chaggim at JCDS are exuberant, spirit-filled, hands-on reminders that being Jewish and celebrating our traditions not only involves all of our senses but brings together the hearts and minds of our diverse Jewish community.