ועד הורים

The Va'ad Horim / Parent Association is JCDS' all-volunteer family organization that focuses on building community both inside and outside our school walls. We bring together the amazing families that make up our intentionally pluralistic community, to learn, celebrate, and serve the community, and to support the faculty and staff to whom we entrust our children's education.

The Va'ad includes:
    • A Seasonal Events Team that helps plan meaningful school-wide events at holidays and other inflection points during the year
    • Room Parents for each grade, who help build and support class community and facilitate grade-specific events
    • A Social Justice Team that brings the school community together for events and activities throughout the year centered on a specific theme (this year's theme: climate crisis)
    • A Community Care Team that organizes teacher-appreciation efforts as well as chesed (care) in times of need for both staff and families
    • Other targeted discrete offerings, such as weekly challah delivery, a winter in-school clothing swap, and food drives for Family Table

    The Va'ad is also collaborating with the school to implement a daily school-lunch program and to offer opportunities for parents to connect, including chevruta (partnered) learning events and ceramics classes.

    There is a role in the Va'ad for every family, whether you're new to the school or an existing family who wants to more deeply connect with and support our community. Let us find a place for you!

    Va'ad Leadership, 2022-23 School Year:

    Chair: Josh Langer, parent of Itai (4th grade), Emet (2nd grade), and Mili (GN).

    Treasurer: Eyal David, parent of Daniel (8th grade), Maya (6th grade), Uri (4th grade), and Yael (GN).

    Communications: Amberly Polidor, parent of Dafna (4th grade).

    Social Justice: Naomi Greenfield, parent of Sylvia (6th grade) and Isaac (4th grade).

    Va'ad leadership can be contacted at

    There are several open leadership opportunities for the coming school year, including Community Care Co-Chairs. Ready to step up, or have an idea for something new? Please be in touch!

    JCDS' greatest resource is our families. It takes all of us to build the community together, and our hope is that every parent finds a meaningful way to become part of our volunteer community.

    We look forward growing our community TOGETHER!