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"We are in the business of developing human beings."

Dr. Susie Tanchel, JCDS Head of School


ועד הורים

What is the Va'ad Horim?

The Vaad Horim (Vaad) is you! JCDS has a Vaad to bring together the amazing families that make up our community, to learn, to celebrate, to serve the community and to support the faculty and staff to whom we entrust our children's education.

The Vaad Horim is all of us! The Vaad is an all-volunteer organization, with a role for every family. From room parents to Challah coordinator, from Israeli dancing to the Pesach Food Drive we hope you will volunteer for a role that fits your interests and your schedule. There will be sign-up opportunities at upcoming events.

The Vaad Horim is each of us! We are excited to introduce the 2016-2017 Vaad Leadership. All of us can be reached at

Co-Chairs: James Cohen, parent of Jason (6th grade), and Reggie (Junior at Berklee College of Music), and Andrea Kamens, parent of Miriam (Class of 2012), Bayla (Class of 2014), Anna (Class of 2016), Josie (6th grade), and Richie (3rd grade)

Co-Treasurers: Mark Moellman, parent of Sam (6th grade) and Isaac (2nd grade) and Ellen Krause-Grosman, parent of Gabriel (6th grade) and Rachel (3rd grade)

Communications Chair: Julia Khodor Beloborodov, parent of Lior (3rd grade) and Ilana (Class of 2016)

The Vaad Horim is what you want it to be! JCDS' greatest resource is our families. It takes all of us to build the community together. Share your great ideas, and then roll up your sleeves and let's make it happen!

Watch your email for upcoming events. We look forward growing our community together.

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