The school you choose should reflect your values, and make possible your dreams for your child. A personal tour is the most valuable part of this research process. It is your chance to spend time in JCDS classes to see firsthand how the teachers teach, how they interact with the students, and how the students respond to each other and the adults in their midst.

For prospective families considering applying for admission to JCDS, the personal tour is a required step in the admissions process. This visit will help you learn more about the school to determine whether you should move forward with your application, and will help JCDS begin to get to know your family and learn how we can best support and partner with you.

When you visit, you can look for evidence, in the faces of the children and in the actions of the adults, that what is of value to you is of value to JCDS. Come ready with your questions both general and those specific to your family and your child, as you will have the undivided attention of Josh Langer, Director of Admissions.