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COVID Campaign + Matching Challenge

קמפיין קורונה עם תרומה תואמת

Can you help? JCDS has identified many unexpected costs to operate school this year. We are exceptionally blessed to have received a challenge grant from a generous donor to inspire your giving.

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JCDS COVID Campaign & Matching Gift Challenge
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Letter Announcing COVID Campaign and Matching Challenge

Dear Families and Friends of JCDS,

Every year we reach out to our community for support. This year is different. In addition to asking you to contribute to the critical needs of the Annual Fund, now we are also asking for your help to address the extraordinary expenses related to COVID-19.

As we negotiate the complex realities of operating JCDS during the pandemic, we are guided by the following principles: ערבות Areyvut Communal Responsibility, בריאות Briyut Health, and שלמות Shleymut Spreading Calm. The additional principle of נדבות Nedivut, Generosity, is why we are reaching out to you now.

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Air Purifiers

In addition to ensuring that each classroom has proper ventilation through HVAC and open windows, we have added portable HEPA air purifiers in each classroom & office.

Upgraded Technology

Improving the WiFi and increasing the number of iPads have enabled our teachers to successfully integrate students temporarily learning from home. In accordance with our COVID Health and Safety Protocols, we want to ensure that students at home can participate in school life and that individual classes can continue to share communal experiences.


We have purchased new single-student desks for all children in grades K-8 to allow for proper social distancing in classrooms.

PPE & Cleaning Supplies

To ensure the safety of our students and teachers, masks, gloves, touch-less thermometers, isolation room equipment, hand sanitizer and dispensers, and a host of other cleaning supplies were purchased. On average, we have spent an additional $150 per student and staff member.

New Staff

We have incurred additional staff costs, including a full-time Nurse, an Online Learning Specialist, increased cleaning staff and security, and more full and part time employees across the school.


To support the health and wellness of our students and staff, we have added four tents for outdoor learning.

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