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שכר לימוד ומלגות

TuitionFlexible Tuition Program


שכר לימוד

Tuition enables JCDS to provide and nurture the highest quality program for our students. It allows us to sustain our smaller, individualized approach; to invest in extensive curricular resources, dynamic teachers and intensive language instruction; and to commit to the professional development and technology that generate effective and meaningful learning experiences.

We recognize and appreciate that choosing to send a child to private or day school reflects an enormous commitment for every family in our community. During a child's formative K-8 years, this investment generates core lifetime results, offering a nurturing and challenging environment in which your child can thrive now, while laying the foundation for a meaningful and successful future.

Our families know they can measure the value of a JCDS education in each graduate's skills, knowledge, curiosity and humble confidence, built on a strong character and moral compass. A JCDS education can be affordable. We are deeply committed to financial aid. JCDS currently provides Flexible Tuition funds to cover a portion of JCDS tuition to more than half its students – more than any other local day school, with an aid budget that is equal to or higher than that at most local day schools and comparable independent schools.

JCDS offers an array of financial aid programs, together called Flexible Tuition, to award reduced tuition to families who qualify. Available Flex Tuition funds have increased nearly 60% since 2009, and we are committed to spreading our annual Flex allocation among as many families as possible. Each year we must secure the dollars to cover the actual costs of Flexible Tuition; we do so with the help of donations and grants.

Grade(s) Tuition (2017-2018)
Kindergarten $28,300
Grades 1-4 $30,250
Grades 5-8 $32,070


מלגות מדורגות על פי שכר

Your Flexible Tuition Program Options The JCDS Flexible Tuition program brings a rich diversity of families to JCDS and makes Jewish education possible for more families. It is also absolutely essential to the financial sustainability of our school: we rely on the tuition paid by each and every family, including those receiving some portion of Flexible Tuition, to meet our annual budget.

We offer three programs, making grants according to eligibility and need:
  • CJP Discover Day School Grants: Families who are entirely new to day school have access to the CJP Discover Day School program, which offers up to $6,000 per year for three years for their first enrolled child.
  • All other JCDS families may choose from two internal JCDS programs:
    • ACCESS JCDS: Requires less detailed disclosure from your family and offers a $3,000 grant per JCDS student per year.
    • JCDS Flexible Tuition: Requires more detailed disclosure and may enable qualifying families to receive more tuition assistance per child.

Flexible Tuition Application Materials

Criteria for Determining Flexible Tuition Qualification
Our Flexible Tuition Committee works within parameters established by the JCDS Board of Trustees and follows the methodology of the National Association of Independent Schools, which processes our Flexible Tuition applications. JCDS grants are determined based on each family's unique circumstances, with many variables taken into account. These include but are not limited to: employment and other sources of income, savings, investments, home equity over $500,000, and the number of children at JCDS and other tuition charging schools. The methodology also makes an adjustment for single parent and dual income households, which acknowledges their extra costs. Families who do not submit full financial information for review by the Flexible Tuition Committee, or whose financial profiles do not qualify them for tuition adjustments, pay full tuition.

Morton E. Ruderman Inclusion Scholarship Fund
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